Hi everyone,

It's been a while since we did this, mostly because it was my only duty in this league until I had to take over commish duties, and then I just didn't have time. We've had a ton of new owners in the interim, so it's probably worth an explanation...

A unique aspect about Negro League Tribute, aside from the team names and stadium sizes which reflect real life historic NLT teams, is the tribute rename that (should) occur every year. A shortlist is produced from the draft class, and all owners can vote on the most promising players that they feel are worthy of being renamed in honour of a real life NLT ballplayer. You may have seen the sticky thread in the forum with a list of players than have been renamed so far, including links to their player pages so you can see how they fared in the sim league. Once the vote is complete, I then take the 1-3 top players in terms of votes and try and match them with real life NLT players - getting as close as possible to their projected ratings, as well as position, height and weight. I'll post a list of the proposed renames for people to comment, and then make the renames before the end of the season.

The voting for these tribute renames really died off as activity dwindled in the league in general - I'm hoping the fresh influx of owners will engage with this part of the league, as I really think it's one of the areas that make a true 'tribute'. I'd love to find the time to review some of the retired tribute renames and compare their sim stats to their RL ones, but I'm super busy with duties across CSFBL - if anyone else fancies it though it would be great to see a couple of forum threads!

For this year, below are my suggested draftees as a shortlist for a tribute rename. If you feel there are any draftees that deserve to be on the list that aren't, please nominate them in the thread or by PM to me.

P James Bennett
P Thanos Glaze
P Jesus Mendez
P Mark Swoope

1B Chet Ruggieri
2B Matthew Connors
2B Saul Narcisse
3B Rick Martinez