Here's your chance to get into one of CFBLs most established, long running, private leagues.

Here's some info on the Simusports League:

* 4 games per day
* Well run live draft through the first two rounds
* Sliding Salary Cap....Cap is set at $55 mill during pre-season and bumps to $65 mill during regular season to encourage trading and free agency movement, etc.
* Team owners who love the game and enjoy the competition. Some have been in the league since it's inception..

Look us over here:

Respond promptly if you're interested and I'll assign the team to you right away. We are, and have been for a long time, one of the best 4 game per day leagues in all of CSFBL! Give us a try!

Send a PM to me (dknute) or stinky_pete . Tell us which team you'd like and we'll assign them to you right away