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Thread: Triple Crown Baseball openings

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    Re: Triple Crown Baseball openings

    We need a couple owners! TRIPLE CROWN BASEBALL

    Come join us!
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    Re: Triple Crown Baseball openings

    Currently six openings. The league has a solid ownership base and runs at 8 sims a day. Current openings:

    Chicago Black Sox: Good mix of old and young.
    Cleveland Indians: Similar to Chicago - mix of old and young.
    Great Lakes Tugs: Definitely on the older side. Someone who likes rebuilds would likely enjoy rebuilding here.
    Motor City Mad Men: Has some decent young pieces but could use some love.
    Denver Zephyrs: This team has a lot of nice, young talent. A solid owner could absolutely makes waves with this team.
    Las Vegas 51s: Like Denver, this team can really compete now. Just needs some help from a dedicated owner.

    I've always enjoyed this league. While it is a little more quiet, trades can get done and the draft goes off without a hitch. Come join!
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