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Thread: 41 Year Old Ace

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    41 Year Old Ace

    SP Luis Felder just completed his age 41 season. This was the first season in which he lost some CO on the flip, and he is still maxed on his SY.

    Fielder dominated this season in GOAT 3 (some of the game’s best owners in a league format in which almost no one is rebuilding). Take a look:

    250 IP, 20-5, 219 SO, 35 GS, 30 QS, 7 CG, 1 ShO, 2.44 ERA, 1.05 WHIP.

    And this is in a max-size home stadium in a division with other max size stadiums and the league’s #1 and #4 offenses (also my #3 offense, but Felder obviously not facing that himself).

    But seriously, this is at age 41!! Has anyone seen a >40 year old post numbers close to this? I mean, a pitcher of that age meeting a single one of these benchmarks (250+ IP, 20 W, 30 QS, sub-2.5 ERA) would be remarkable. Pulling them all off is insane.
    CSFBL Ranking:2014 #16, 2015 #33, 2016 #11
    Manager: Phoenix Roadrunners (1992-2035)
    -44 years: 41 winning, 33 P, 23 D, 14 C, 4 WS; Final Record 4130-2910 (94-66 average season)
    Coach: TAMU Aggies (1948-Present)
    -35 years: 27 winning, 24 P, 14 D, 11 C, 8 CWS
    -Current Prestige Ranking: #6/24 (based on prior 4 seasons)
    Manager: Tulsa Golden Hurricane (2023-Present)
    -36 years: 26 winning, 26 P, 20 D, 13 C, 9 WS
    Manager: Antarctica Antediluvian Anteaters (1981-Present)
    -18 years: 15 winning, 12 playoffs, 9 D, 5 C, 4 WS
    Manager: Storm's End Stags (1981-1990)
    -10 years: 8 winning, 8 playoffs, 4 D, 2 C, 1 WS
    Manager: Warsaw Winged Hussars (1991-Present)
    -6 years: 4 winning, 4 playoffs, 3 D, 2 C
    Coach: Miami Hurricanes (1964-1989)
    -23 years: 12 winning, 10 P, 3 D, 2 CWS

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    Re: 41 Year Old Ace

    I had a long time ace, who recently at the age of 39 had a comeback season where he challenged for the CYA (he still had been having solid season around 3.50 ERA but he improved about a run) in his push for win 300 (ended season at 297.)

    This year at age 40, he reverted back to a that solid self (and past win 300). We made the playoffs for the first time in a while (first with me in year 5 over the franchise). Currently leading 2-0 in LCS.

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    Re: 41 Year Old Ace


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    Re: 41 Year Old Ace

    I've got George Turner, age 40. Doesn't quite reach Felder's level, but 15-10 with a 3.02 ERA is certainly good for a 40 yr old. Pretty big bounce back from last season, but I was making do with a 72 RA SS last year after the previous guy retired. 92 RA at SS this year. Shouldn't have an issue hitting 400 wins and 5,000 strikeouts next year, barring a rough flip.

    His ratings are 50/78 PO, 58/82 FI, 55/64 CO, 97/98 SY with 71/98 EN, so he's just been riding that SY. He's a bit of a development anomaly as well, as full scout showed his SY drop to 96 at age 38, only to incease to 97 for age 39-40.

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    Re: 41 Year Old Ace

    I had a 41 year old who had a solid year in 2099

    Not as good as the OP pitcher but still a rock on the rotation


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