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Thread: No more time for CSFBL

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    No more time for CSFBL

    Sorry but it's time for me to say goodbye to CSFBL , i'm only keeping the teams that i have commish duties
    my job is very demanding and i am not paying any attention to some of the teams i have ,

    someone needs to step up and take over has the commish soon please
    send me a PM if you are interested

    thanks for everything
    Bye for now
    Red Sox Nation World Series Champs 2085 ,2086,2097 Conference Champs 2084
    MLB STr8 8s World Series Champs 2053,2055 Conference Champs 2058
    Psi Sigma World Series Champs 2084 , Conference Champs 2094,2105
    YOG World Series Champs 2054 , Conference Champs 2061
    CSFBL Justice World Series Champs 2089,2109,2111
    SimusSport World Series Champs 2062,2064

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    Re: No more time for CSFBL

    You'll be missed here, for sure.


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