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    Post What are the criteria for choosing a good sink?

    You are building and designing a family home, the style you choose is modern, luxurious and comfortable. You have started a lot for that happy home, especially the kitchen space, but you are wondering what type of kitchen sink to buy and best suits your home kitchen. The following article will help you get the best fit and perfect.

    Advanced sink products are no strangers in the kitchen space of families. Not only in restaurants, hotels, and families in the city, but also in many popular families, it is also important to have a kitchen space and invest in quality and luxury furniture.

    In the market today there are many different sink products ranging from high-end to low-end products, from home products to imported products from abroad, are very diverse and rich.

    Most of the families who do not have the need to buy products do not know which sink to choose which kind of good. This issue depends on the space, design style, economic conditions to the preferences of each owner can choose the right product. Some product selection criteria may include:


    Material of sink

    Material sink is the first issue to consider when choosing the product. There are many different materials such as stainless steel, porcelain, stone, ... each product has its own advantages, suitable for private kitchen space. So what kind of sink is decided by the material of the product.
    However, the sink products of high quality, durability, suitable for use characteristics, tastes and water sources of Vietnam are products made of stainless steel. Stainless steel pots are low carbon, stainless steel, high rust resistance when exposed to water, good durability.

    Materials stainless steel sink currently includes: stainless steel 201, stainless steel 430, stainless steel 304, ... are the most popular and best quality. Not only high durability but also very glossy, beautiful, suitable for luxury and modern kitchen space. Especially stainless steel wash basin will be very clean and clean when used.


    Design and design of sink

    Space and kitchen space are the factors to choose the right design and sink pattern. Some types of pots are commonly used as pots: one pot, two pots, one pit, two pots, etc. with different sizes.
    If you have a large kitchen space, the two sink sink is a good choice, both convenient and suitable for use in space and space of the kitchen. With a small kitchen area, a small sink with a small area will be neat and more appropriate.

    There are also a number of sink accessories that come with additional convenience, such as an external garbage dump, a convenient pot holder, etc. These accessories will help the sink area more. convenient, compact more beautiful. Especially, when using it will be easier and more convenient.


    Choosing the brand sink

    There are a lot of consumers wondering what kind of sink to choose, as there are so many sinkware brands in the market today.

    In addition to domestic brands, there are also a growing number of foreign brands in use. Consumers can choose the right product brand in accordance with their design requirements as well as economic conditions.
    Choose a brand that offers quality products that are highly valued by consumers in the marketplace. Some famous brands and quality are Son Ha, Dai Thanh, Toan My, Kelas, Molloca, Erowin, etc. Customers can find out first and choose the right one for your needs. its use.

    Good sink brands depend on many factors of quality, materials as well as the price you choose for your product. While choosing to take the factors of design and material to the product to be beautiful, luxurious and durable, long-term use.

    Here are the most basic criteria when choosing which sink type good and suitable for the needs, preferences of the family. There are many different products on the market, but not all products are good and quality assurance, you need to find out thoroughly before choosing to not be "lost money".
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