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Thread: 2127 Season

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    2127 Season

    Hello Everybody! I was pretty bored and I decided to occupy myself by ranking Earth's prospects (that sounds weird saying it out loud). If you have full scouting and you disagree with my rankings, please let me know! I want this to be more of a community effort and less of a dumb 7th Grader’s opinions. Also, sorry if you are viewing this list in mobile or have an ad in the top right corner of this page, I don't have Excel. Anyways, here are the 2127 Earth Baseball top 20 prospect ranking (1.0 Edition). Enjoy!

    1. Case Smith----------------21----------P------------ Marmots-----------
    2. John Jordan---------------23--------LF/1B--------- Yeets------------
    3. John Mitchell--------------21---------CF------------ Falls Rapids--------
    4. Paul Grant-----------------19----------1B----------- Yeets------------
    5. Darrell Reyes--------------21---------RF------------ Diego Botrunners-------
    6. Treshaun Thomas---------19---------3B------------ Mavericks----------
    7. Jerry Ross-----------------22----------LF------------ City Commandos--------
    8. Todd Rimmer--------------23----------P------------- Diego Botrunners-------
    9. Donald Inman-------------21-------SS/1B---------- Poindexters---------
    10. James Garcia-------------23----------P------------ Poindexters---------
    11. Ramon Hill----------------21---------LF------------ ViciousVelociraptors-------
    12. Joseph Cromwell---------21---------2B------------ Grundlecrunchers--
    13. Robert Brooks------------21---------RF------------ Grundlecrunchers--
    14. John Cooper--------------20---------3B------------ Lava Lizards-----------
    15. Curtis Speight------------20----------P------------- Marmots-----------
    16. Steve Rhodes-------------23---------C-------------- ViciousVelociraptors-------
    17. Ralph Snyder-------------22---------3B------------- Diego Botrunners-------
    18. Norman Disanto----------19----------P------------- Yeets------------
    19. Christopher Mills----------21--------3B------------- City Commandos--------
    20. Frank Mack----------------21---------P------------- Swallows----------

    ****TEAM TOTALS****------Hitters------Pitchers------Total
    Bunch Marmots------------------0-------------2-----------2
    Kekistan Yeets-------------------2-------------1-----------3
    Niagara Falls Rapids-------------1-------------0-----------1
    San Diego Botrunners-----------2-------------1-----------3
    Sterling Mavericks---------------1-------------0-----------1
    Chair City Commandos----------2-------------0-----------2
    Boston Poindexters--------------1-------------1-----------2
    Vulcan ViciousVelociraptors-----2-------------0-----------2
    Kalamazoo Grundlecrunchers---2-------------0-----------2
    Hawaii Lava Lizards-------------1-------------0------------1
    Palapye Swallows----------------0-------------1-----------1

    Top 10 Earth Minor League Farm Systems
    1. Kekistan Yeets
    2. San Diego Botrunners
    3. Bunch Marmots
    4. Vulcan ViciousVelociraptors
    5. Chair City Commandos
    6. Kalamazoo Grundlecrunchers
    7. Boston Poindexters
    8. Niagara Falls Rapids
    9. Sterling Mavericks
    10. Hawaii Lava Lizards
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    Re: 2127 Season

    Wow, I've got two pitchers in that list for the Marmots. And, at the moment, in the Cy Young voting, I have #1 and #2. #1 is 31 but #2 is 24. I could have a great rotation in a couple of years.
    Peace. (Psalm 29:11)


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    Re: 2127 Season

    I think u missed my other starter in the minors. Still nice to see 3 on the list

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    Quote Originally Posted by starwalker View Post
    Wow, I've got two pitchers in that list for the Marmots. And, at the moment, in the Cy Young voting, I have #1 and #2. #1 is 31 but #2 is 24. I could have a great rotation in a couple of years.
    Well, you have two pitchers on MY first list. I would like to see YOUR opinions!

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    Re: 2127 Season

    Tough call, but I don't think Escobar is top 20.

    On second thought, I think that he may be better than Frank Mack.

    I don’t know guys, you decide.
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    Re: 2127 Season

    Updated Minor League Farm System Team Rankings
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    Re: 2127 Season

    Great analysis !

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    Re: 2127 Season

    Woot woot top farm system. Not going to last tho. Calling like 4-5 up in the offseason

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    Re: 2127 Season

    Much appreciated! Thanks!
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