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Where's Franson?
He will be waiting for a while. Career .883 OPS and just missing the 500 homer club are strikes against him. He just didn't reach enough milestones, and he doesn't have the hardware(just 7 All Stars no Silver Sluggers or MVPs). He is a fringe HoF candidate at best. His HoF score of 38 is below what I think he would need to get in. Like I said before if a player wants to be assured of getting in they need a HoF score of 50 or more, while a 100 or more usually gets in on a first ballot. A guaranteed 1st ballot type will have and HoF score north of 150. Again check out the 5 guys in my signature to see what 1st ballot types look like. You need a combo of hardware and milestones to get in.