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Thread: 2093 Postseason

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    2093 Postseason

    Phew... Dubuque dodged a major bullet in the first round, coming back to beat Binghamton in seven.

    Manuel Bab****'s walk-off homerun in the bottom of the 12th gave the River Rats the series win (and also completed Bab****'s first career cycle).

    Onto round number two, with Dubuque still alive in its quest for a three-peat.

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    Re: 2093 Postseason

    Also... apparently the site censors one of my player's last names... which is kind of hilarious. Bab****.

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    Re: 2093 Postseason

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveVesey View Post
    Phew... Dubuque dodged a major bullet in the first round, coming back to beat Binghamton in seven.
    Congrats on moving on...we couldn't hold a 3-1 8th inning lead, but the better team definitely won.

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    Re: 2093 Postseason

    Hats off to Montreal and that pitching staff...and now here we are again, back in the LCS with Dubuque. Managed to steal Game 2 on the road, now let's see what we can do back at Chocolate World.

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    Re: 2093 Postseason

    Another quality series against Hershey & Dubuque is back in the finals. Four wins away from a three-peat, taking on a Wichita team that's making its first World Series appearance in almost 50 seasons - going for its first title in more than 90 seasons.

    Dubuque took 2-of-3 from Wichita in the regular season, but all three matchups were close - decided by a total of four runs. Could be some good pitching matchups in this one!

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    Re: 2093 Postseason

    Best of luck to Dubuque in the Series.

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    Re: 2093 Postseason

    Frank Harrigan pitched 8 no-hit innings in Game 2, but the Dubuque manager clearly wanted to make sure he didn't become a legend & pulled him for closer Ian Briggs, who promptly gave up a hit.

    Dubuque still got the win & carries a 2-0 series advantage to Wichita for Game Three.

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    Re: 2093 Postseason

    Congrats to Wichita, reeling off four straight wins to take the title. As expected, their pitching was impressive.


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