San Diego Werewolves are a stacked team! First place and have hardware from last season. They were 14-5 a complete mirror image of the Lightning. They have in their prime pitching, absolutely stacked, with not a whole lot of anything in the lows. They will draft 22nd I believe in the upcoming live draft that takes place in about a week or so.

So, you have your choice of a rebuild with the Lightning or jump into the post-season and draft with a team that's already winninng- your choice.

Great place to learn the game a the slower pace of 2 sims a day with veteran owners that can answere any ?'s you might have.

Also, I was looking at the Lightnings pitching staff and they have some legit young pitching that has already called up to the bigs! Several big $ arms, the team just might need some tweaks in the lineup to start winning games!