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Thread: Quitting after this season

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    Quitting after this season

    I decided that I'm just getting out of this game after all together after this season is over. I'm too tired to even pay attention to it and the game doesn't play right and they refuse to fix it. One of these days I'm determined to find a free game that actually plays right.

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    Re: Quitting after this season

    What do you mean it doesn't play right?

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    Re: Quitting after this season

    If it's cause your last place, maybe it's because you've totally abandoned defensive hope. You've got a 20 RA playing SS, a 33 playing 3B, and only a 61 playing 2B.

    Even in your DH role, O'Brien should be playing 3B with his 78.

    Pay attention to defense maybe?

    (Numbers probably not accurate, as I don't control your team)

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    Re: Quitting after this season

    I'm actually getting more and more addicted to this game, but I will say my first impressions (even though I've been told I'm wrong)

    I feel like salary is a huge driving force of this game. More often than not, I see high priced players doing really well and guys I that I think have good ratings, but low salary will tend to suck. I get excited when a guy falls to me in the draft, and then 3 years later, he goes up 4 million dollars in salary before even playing a game for me. I don't get why minor league player salaries go up at all. This game has little intricacies that I find a little annoying and hitting is OP. I bet the average ERA is well above a run higher than its MLB counterpart. I don't know what suggestions I would have for fixing things or making things better. I'm just playing the game right now, and like I said, I'm enjoying it more and more, but I can see people getting tired of things.

    Another impression I have is that this cycle of drafts determine almost everything and it's hard to macromanage. Teams that suck will get really good players in the draft, then owners will hoard, and try to steam roll when their farm is too good. The good teams will stand pat and won't have the scouting to keep it up and will falter eventually. I know that it's the cycle that happens in real life (probably in most cases. I know that teams like the yankees and red sox have a good reputation and deep pockets), but it feels like the cycle runs your team and its success more than the owner does.

    The bidding system is something I have to get used to, but I don't think it's entirely realistic, although it was improved by blind bidding. Like I said, I don't have suggestions, since the blind bidding will be a vast improvement. I hated finally getting my feet wet in preseason bidding just to see owners sitting back and waiting to put in a last minute bid to blow everyone away. Not everyone can be there 2 minutes before the sim.

    So overall, I don't blame you for not wanting to be part of a cog in this machine, but I honestly am getting more and more into it. I can tell my efforts do something and the bad teams I take over I see as a challenge. It frustrates me that I've had a team for 4 seasons and have yet to crack .500. I'm not even tanking at all. I just wanna win! So good luck to you and I hope you crack the code to this game if you decide to stay. Only 1 team out of 24 can win it all and give Legends and Bombers 5 more seasons, then I think they'll start to crack. This league (other than our division ) have the same division winner every year and that sucks too. But just like the devil said, "you can't win 'em all kid"
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