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Thread: Thinking of quitting

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    Thinking of quitting

    I'm just not getting this game. It makes no sense to me; seems very inaccurate. I thought adding a team in another league would help, but no matter what both teams stink. Neither one can pitch well and my superstar hitters can't ever seem to hit. Guys that shouldn't hit well hit .300+. Next season I go with them and both the better hitter and them both stink. I replace with a good hitter and they stink. 1st year guys always seem to stink and rarely get better. The closer doesn't ever seem to come in on a save situation and the setup guys so rarely come in I forget they are on my team. I actually have to put my worst pitchers as my setup men because they are never used. Drafts have gotten a whole lot worse since they said they'll be better. However, I probably could be convinced to stay. It's just seemingly a waste of time to play this game.

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    Re: Thinking of quitting

    I hope you don't give up. When I began playing here a little over a year ago, I struggled mightily with my 1st team. I viewed things a bit wrong and looking at your team, I think you are following the same path I was. I don't want to go into specifics about your roster here but I would be more than happy to discuss some things via PM with you if you wish.

    A couple of things, though, I will point out here. Your closer will ALWAYS close out a game when winning by 3 runs or less if you have the setting turned on in your manager page. The entire bullpen is a lot more tricky and I still haven't completely figured out that but normally if you are behind, MR's will be used. Or if you have a lead or tied before the 7th inning, MR's will be used. SU pitchers are not used much in the early innings unless the others are tired or all ineffective. The simulator chooses (at the time of the change) which pitcher has the best odds of getting the opposing hitter out) but the downside is that that pitcher will stay in until he is either too tired or gets hit hard (at what point is determined ,again, by what you have set in your managers setting).

    I'm sure there are many owners that know more than I do but I hope this helps.

    Again, I am more than happy to discuss your roster in private. Hang in there!!

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    Re: Thinking of quitting

    It is set to using the closer in save situations. It always has and it still refuses to use the closer. It always uses the middle relievers and so rarely uses the setup men that I think it only uses them when the middle relievers are too tired to be used. In fact, it goes from starters to middle relievers to closer to set up men. Since it makes my starters throw 140 pitches (so real life), no one is usually needed unless the starter is shelled for 7 runs in 5 innings.


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