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Thread: Western Diamonds Commish Inquest

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    Western Diamonds Commish Inquest

    My buddy, who helped draw me back into this game, after a hiatus due to an argument with old nemesis DMan. Hiregoon started Western Diamonds and it is an old league, I enjoy it. I know outside of this game, he is very busy. So if he has not taken over the league, I would. TO save the league, some of us in there are stubborn.


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    Re: Western Diamonds Commish Inquest

    i've added you as a commish
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    Re: Western Diamonds Commish Inquest


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    Re: Western Diamonds Commish Inquest

    It is part of my daily routine. This game is a lot of fun, I was devastated to learn we had lost Dman though honestly. I was part of his "baby", the HOF league. I remember, I was Boston and I had a SS win like 12 straight GG or some crap. Any how, just do not want to see Western head off to the scap heap. SO will do what I can, to keep it going, pretty much the same. I used to be full all the time. So hopefully we get it back there.


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    Re: Western Diamonds Commish Inquest

    Thanks for taking over. I'm coming up on my 10th year in Western in October. While I don't always have time to be a good owner, I'll stick with Mammoth as long as we're running.

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    Re: Western Diamonds Commish Inquest

    This weekend, when I have time, i will write in our forum, address us owners and then try to fill it up. It was full for a long, long time. So we can get back there, it has a great history, and my fav league.



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