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Thread: 1997 Season

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    1997 Season

    Let’s welcome ulhorns as the new GM of the potentially renamed West Lawn Owls!

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    Re: 1997 Season

    This is my first season with the West Coast Whales and I want to cheer on one of my players. It's pitcher Antonio Beck, who languished in the minors. He pitched nine innings in his season debut, with 12 strikeouts. Didn't get a win, but it bodes well for him this season.

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    Re: 1997 Season

    Let’s welcome crim_on_da_funk as the new owner of the potentially renamed Johnson City DiamondBucs. Good luck!

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    Re: 1997 Season

    Let’s welcome new GM jax22265 to the league! Taking over Madison WarChiefs. Good Luck and welcome!

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    Re: 1997 Season

    Let’s welcome ricky_71 as the new gm of the Philadelphia Fish who might relocate and/or change the team name much to the dismay of the loyal fish fanatics! Welcome and Good Luck!

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    Re: 1997 Season

    Congrats to RJ Harrison of the South Park Invaders on winning the World Series! Well played and Well deserved!


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