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Thread: 1991 Rogers Hornsby Division Outlook

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    1991 Rogers Hornsby Division Outlook

    Rogers Hornsby Division outlook

    Advanced Panthers

    1990 was the 3rd solid season in a row for Advance winning 90 games or more. The Panthers were winners in the DCS taking out division rival Oak Island handily behind the strong arm of John Phipps. The biggest controversy during the off season was why Phipps sat on the bench while the home team got mashed during decisive games 4 and 5 of the Conference championship series against the Nightstalkers. Looks like the manager survived but the boo birds will be out in force for the smallest of reasons this season looking for the manager’s scalp.

    OFFENSE The offense was middle of the pack in most major categories (10th runs, 11th OPS, 11th HRs). The notable exception was 5th w 0.277 BA. The Panthers also had issues putting the ball in play with the 5th most SOs with 1214 on the season.

    The bats were led by 2 time silver slugger 2B Ricardo Beringer who put up eye popping numbers in 1990 (0.363 BA, 0.613 SLG, 1.021 OPS). Gold Glove 3B Matt Ellis also had an impressive 1990 campaign hitting 0.352 with a 0.971 OPS.

    The offense does have power spread around the lineup, with 6 players hitting 20 or more round trippers.


    It’s no secret that the Panthers success is all about the 1-2 punch of Phipps and Reynaldo Thomas who were a combined 37-22 and both had ERAs below 3.00. The rotation lacked depth beyond that - although Hastings won a surprising 18 games despite his 4.86 ERA. Run support can make you look good!

    Future Ace Chris Voss (the overall #1 pick in 1988) looks to get the call to the bigs in 1991 and this could very be a huge step for Advance to take them to the next level. A top pick for ROTY by all accounts.

    Another highlight of the 1990 campaign was closer Joseph Cline p, who locked down 38 Saves in 44 chances with a stingy 1.09 WHIP.

    All in all by the numbers the Pitching looks very average with a team ERA of 4.38 (12th). However, with 2 solid Aces on board (and possibly adding a third in Voss) nobody in this division (or the league) should take Advance lightly in 1991. The team numbers don’t tell the whole story - especially come playoff time!

    FIELDING Advance has good RA all around the field - evidenced by their 3.43 RNG good for 3rd in the league. The good news stops there however. The Panthers lead the league in errors (112) and Unearned runs (45). They also had a league worst Fielding Pct of 0.982.

    Considering the Panthers are a finesse team in terms of pitching (led league w 1799 GOs and had a league lowest 5.8 SO/9IP), defense is crucial. Although they are adept at reaching balls in play, Advance could use some improvement fielding the ball to reduce the errors and unearned runs.

    OUTLOOK Weighted heavily on the call up of Voss, I’m giving Advance the nod and picking them to edge out Oak Island. But if Voss fails to live up to expectations, the Treasure will be right there to slip past.

    Oak Island Treasure

    In its inaugural season in the league, Oak Island took the WS trophy in 1989 and undoubtedly hoped to repeat that success in 1990. The Treasure finished with a respectable 90 wins and one game behind Advance. There hopes of a repeat were quickly squashed in 4-1 Division series loss to the Panthers. But the slate is wiped clean and Oak Island is undoubtedly looking to avenge its DCS misfortune and climb back to glory.

    OFFENSE Oak Island was a potent team offensively being at or near the top 5 in most major offense stats including Runs (6th), Ave (6th), SLG (4th), HR (4th).

    5 guys hit 34 or more HRs including a team best 49 by free agency acquired veteran 3B Eric Franson. This proves that one team’s cast off can often be another’s super star.

    27 yo gold glove 3B Charles Ferguson also had a noteworthy offensive season (0.303 Ave/0.388 OBP/0.596 SLG) with 40 HRs and 114 RBIs.

    The hitting corps is a good balance of young players and veterans. No doubt about it, the Treasure is a solid offensive unit.

    PITCHING Looking just at runs allowed Oak Island appears pretty average with a 4.29 ERA (10th). The Treasure had the 6th fewest Ks last season and the lowest BAPIP in the league so they clearly rely on letting the opposing batters put the ball in play and letting the defense get to work (more on that later). Also, a very good staff at invoking the ground ball (2nd) inducing 729 double plays (4th). What’s all this mean? On any given day, Oak Island’s finesse staff can stymie opposing power hitters by inducing ground balls and keeping the ball in the park. This gives their stellar defense a chance to shine and keeps them in games.

    DEFENSE The Treasure’s defense is perhaps the best in the league being 4th in RNG and 1st in fielding %. The defense is a great mix of RA and GL. Stanley Koss anchored the middle infield winning a gold glove for his 0.995 field %. His RA is only 75 but if the ball is anywhere near his reach, he’s a vacuum cleaner and you’ll be headed back to the bench. Charles Ferguson also was noteworthy with his 4th straight gold glove at 1B.

    OUTLOOK Oak Island is clearly superior to Advance offensively and in the field. This will make it a very tight race for the top spot. If the Treasure secure another top notch finesse pitcher to compliment their defense, this could well place them on top of the division. A solid 2nd as it stands today.

    Oahu Feral Wallabies

    After a dominant 102 win season in 1989, Oahu had a disappointing 1990 season with 83 wins, 8 games out of the playoffs. 1990 started with an abrupt departure of the ownership. That was enough tumult in the clubhouse to change a winning team to an also ran.

    OFFENSE Oahu had a solid offensive showing in 1990 scoring 796 Runs (8th). The Wallabies offense is fueled by high OBP via 796 BBs (2nd) and 249 HRs (7th). Adding a high average hitter or two in the mix would not only improve the team BA of 0.268 (13th) but would increase run production when the ball stays in the park. They were again led by 4 time MVP C Sergio Williams (0.282/0.428/0.550) who hit 38 HRs and a team high 98 RBIs.

    PITCHING Oahu has a solid starting rotation with 4 starters with ERAs under 4. This was the primary driver behind the Wallabies 4.17 ERA (8th). However, the starters only had a combined 11 CG (19th) which means their starters do not go deep in games. This exposes the major weakness of Oahu - the bullpen. Collectively the bullpen pitched over 400 innings with a collective ERA well above 5. The bullpen also had 23 blown saves (23rd). So there is a need to deepen the pitching depth and/or acquire starters who can sling CGs.

    DEFENSE Defense is not a strength of Oahu. Their team RNG was 3.06 (20th) and the fielding % was middle of the pack at 0.987. Additional range and glove, particularly up the middle, could improve the chances of the Wallabies to return to a dominant force in the division. The good news is that Oahu was a decent LM system with several good RA position players nearly ready to be called up.

    OUTLOOK Look for Oahu to remain around the 0.500 mark and significantly off the pace in the division - 3rd or 4th place.

    Cherry Grove Hurricanes

    The Hurricanes continued in a rebuilding period finishing 78-82, their 2nd year in a row below 0.500.

    OFFENSE The Hurricanes struggled in 1990 being in the lower third of many offensive categories. Run production lagged even further behind with 634 scored (22nd). Cherry Valley does have some power to work with hitting 222 HRs (12th). Need to work on improving the OBP (0.330, 21st) to make the dingers more productive. Fry Lloyd led the lineup with 44 HRs and 106 RBIs (0.304/0.342/0.551).

    PITCHING The Hurricanes posted a team ERA of 4.36 good for 11th best. There are a couple good looking young arms to anchor this rotation including 25 yo flame thrower Chris Walker who posted a 2.99 ERA to go along with 261 Ks in 201 IP. Unfortunately, without run support, these impressive numbers only gave him 10 wins vs 13 losses. Jerry Lewis anchored the bullpen as a lock down closer, saving 38 games and winning his 2nd consecutive FOTY.

    Cherry Grove has a young staff, with only two hurlers over 30. This along with a couple good prospects in Wiseman and Harris in LM points to a very solid pitching staff in a few years. But will the offense put up enough support to translate this into success?

    FIELDING The Hurricanes also could use some help in the field, as they posted a 3.08 RNG (21st) and 0.990 Fielding % (10th). 6th overall pick SS Philip Thompson, taken in the 1989 Draft, looks to bolster the middle infield in the near future.

    OUTLOOK Cherry Grove is a young team who looks to improve. But it may take a couple more years to develop the prospects. Look for the Hurricanes to finish around 0.500 and fight Oahu for 3rd place.

    Next up Caracas Redsox

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    Re: 1991 Rogers Hornsby Division Outlook

    Cant wait for Oak Island! I need some unbiased insight!

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    Re: 1991 Rogers Hornsby Division Outlook

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpe Dispensers View Post
    Cant wait for Oak Island! I need some unbiased insight!

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    Lol. Yep it’s coming....half done!

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    Re: 1991 Rogers Hornsby Division Outlook

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpe Dispensers View Post
    Cant wait for Oak Island! I need some unbiased insight!

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    Oak Island posted.

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    Re: 1991 Rogers Hornsby Division Outlook

    Oahu posted...

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    Re: 1991 Rogers Hornsby Division Outlook

    Cherry Grove posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyrusCobb View Post
    Cherry Grove posted

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    Very good summary on point.

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    Re: 1991 Rogers Hornsby Division Outlook

    Sorta looking forward to the Bears outlook. Mostly cloudy, I think

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    Re: 1991 Rogers Hornsby Division Outlook

    Quote Originally Posted by sigma957 View Post
    Sorta looking forward to the Bears outlook. Mostly cloudy, I think
    Yep. I’ll get it posted tonight. Sorry it’s so late!

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