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Thread: 1991 Cy Young Division Outlook

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    1991 Cy Young Division Outlook

    I'm going to break the posts into divisions this season. Seems it may be easier that way.

    Cy Young Division


    Syndicate seemed destined to win the World Series in 1990 after blazing a path through the regular season. In what was supposed to be a fun-filled, wild playoff race, the Nightstalkers took the fun out of it.

    OFFENSE: Joining Manilla as the only 100 win teams, Syndicate led the league in homers, finished 5th in runs scored, and 5th in OPS. Great offensive numbers for a lineup that only batted .267 on the season, 14th in team batting average. 2B John Milburn won his first MVP award, hitting 56 homers and driving in 120 RBI's...while playing 2B!

    PITCHING: The pitching staff finished 5th in ERA, posting a very solid 4.05 for the team. Last season's staff was just all around good, with no one pitcher posting fantastic numbers, but no one pitcher posting terrible numbers either. The bullpen is also a strength having saved 43 and only blown 9 games in '90.

    DEFENSE: Good defense also played a major role in making the Nightstalkers a champion last season. The D finished 2nd in the league in fielding percentage at .991. The range of the defense could be improved a bit however, after a 3.21 showing, good for 14th.

    ANALYSIS: This is a really good all around Syndicate squad. I don't think they are elite at any one thing, but there aren't many weakness here. I do get the feeling that the ERA is inflated a bit, and a lot of the home runs were timely just because the run differential was +136, only 6 better than Fortnox, which lost 13 more games than Syndicate. This is also a major credit to the Utopian bullpen for holding it down in those close games. Improvement could be made by adding a really good high average hitter, and some range up the middle. I still think it's neck and neck with Fortnox in the CY Division, and will pick the Nightstalkers to finish 2nd in '91.


    The Knights rolled to the playoffs with 87 wins last season, sporting a good all around team featuring several superstar type players. The '90 season saw them finish 13 games behind Syndicate, and a first round exit to the Nightstalkers was in order as well.

    OFFENSE: Gerald Bermudez and Kenneth Ellis led the offense, both posting better than 1.000 OPS numbers, which are MVP caliber stats. Fortnox was one of only five teams to score more than 800 runs last season and finished in the top 10 in average, on base %, slugging %, and OPS. Bermudez, Ellis and Phillips make for a very tumultuous middle of the lineup, but there is a bit of a fall off from there, with no one posting better than .800 OPS that saw any significant playing time.

    PITCHING: Armando Gainey cemented himself as a bona fide ace starter last season, going 19-6, with 24 quality starts, a 2.66 ERA, and 1.03 WHIP. He led a staff that walked a season low 492 batters to a 4.08 team ERA, good for 6th best in the league.

    DEFENSE: The stats have Fortnox as one of the best in the league defensively last season, posting a .990 fielding % (3rd), and a 3.31 range (7th).

    ANALYSIS: The Knights have done a really nice job of trying to put a complete team on the field. The BIG 3 bats in the middle of the lineup are deadly, and Gainey on the hill gives them a really high chance of success. Another player or two that can hit for a high average and maybe one more really strong pitcher can push this team to the top of the league. I still think there's enough here to compete and win they CY this season. SO close with Syndicate, but 1st place for Fortnox.


    Seattle is one of the league's up and coming teams, achieving 10 more wins in '90 than in '89. However, the next step may be a bit tougher dealing with the likes of Syndicate and Fortnox at the top of the division, as the Oskis still finished 24 games out of 1st place last season.

    OFFENSE: The offense has a lot of power hitters, hammering the 2nd most home runs (284) led by MVP 2B Tommy Franklin. As a team the lineup finished 12th in runs, 3rd in strikeouts, 19th in batting average, and 18th in on base %. So there is a lot of work to be done in turning this lineup into a more efficient run producing machine. Rookies John Burnett and Chris Hardy are getting the call up to help out. These two should play a MAJOR role in moving the Seattle offense into one of the better scoring teams in the league. Burnett is a perennial league MVP candidate as well.

    PITCHING: The rotation could use a little love, having Daron Howell lead the way last season with 18 quality starts and posting a 3.84 ERA. As a team, the 4.61 ERA was good for 15th, while the 75 quality starts were good for the 17th spot in the league.

    DEFENSE: The Oskis placed near the middle to bottom of the league on the defensive side of things in '90. Posting a .986 fielding % and a 3.23 range. Neither the 2B or the SS had a range number over 6.00 for the season, which makes life a little bit harder for the pitching staff.

    ANALYSIS: This offense will be one of the best very soon, with the two rookies adding a ton of punch to an already potent lineup. The obvious places for improvement are the pitching staff and the defense up the middle. I'd really like to put Seattle a bit closer to Fortnox and Syndicate, but still don't think this team is ready for a playoff spot. 3rd place for Seattle in the CY Division.


    Spaceball had 117 more runs against than runs scored last season, which led to the Nine sitting 29 games out of first for 4th in the CY Division. More downfall is expected in '91, especially since the team remains unowned.

    OFFENSE: After leading the league in runs in 1989, the Nine suffered through scoring 101 less runs in the 1990 season. All of the same guys that posted those outrageous offensive numbers are still around, just getting older and a bit less productive.

    PITCHING: The pitchers posted a league low 54 quality starts, 1 complete game, and the 3rd worst ERA at 5.31.

    DEFENSE: The D didn't fair much better, after tying for the worst fielding % (.982) and and awful 2.92 range.

    ANALYSIS: It won't get better any time soon for the Nine. The offense gets older, and the pitching and defense is already at or near the bottom in most major statistical categories. This team needs a good owner and some patience to right the ship. 6th place for Spaceball.


    The Gilamonsters struggled through the '90 season, not having a terrible offensive season, but letting runs score at a break neck pace. The team scratched out 64 wins last season, making my 2nd place prediction look silly for the former champs of just a couple of seasons ago.

    OFFENSE: The offense has some really good on base type of guys, but not much there to drive them in. Most of the offense put up some pretty decent stats aside from some of the main ones that count. They were middle to lower half of the league in runs, home runs, and slugging.

    PITCHING: The pitching was atrocious last season, giving up a whopping 955 runs, and leaving offenses league wide hoping for an extra game or two with Scottsdale. 29 year old Marvin Seitz was about the only bright spot for the staff last season as he won 16 games to the tune of a respectable 3.61 ERA.

    DEFENSE: Socttsdale wasn't much better than Spaceball in the defense department. Tying them for worst fielding percentage and getting to just a few more balls (2.95 range).

    ANALYSIS: The pitching and defense looks a whole lot like last season's team. The offense however, has called up a few nice looking younger hitters that should help some more runs cross the plate. The pitching and defense may not give up 955 again, but there's still not enough there to stop these opposing offenses (especially now that Seattle will be scoring a ton more). 4th place for Scottsdale on the back of a revamped offense. This team could make a strong push for 3rd or even the second playoff spot IF a deal or two is done for some defense and pitching.


    The Elephants barely made it over the 50 win mark last season (53), which netted them the #1 pick in the coming season's draft!

    OFFENSE: Pretty much like Scottsdale, not bad in batting average, and on base % but 21st in home runs and slugging, and 20th in OPS. There is some "pop" in the minors, but only the manager knows when those youngster will be ready for the big leagues.

    PITCHING: This pitching staff was one of two teams to give up 900+ runs a season ago. Kerry Murray led the way with 19 quality starts and a 3.73 ERA. Again, there are some young arms lurking in the minors.

    DEFENSE: Finishing 18th in fielding % and 22nd in range, there is a ton of work to be done in the field.

    ANALYSIS: This season won't be a ton different as the battle for the #1 pick is once again up in the air. It'll be close, but Spaceball wins the #1 pick. 5th place for Erie.
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    Re: 1991 Cy Young Division Outlook

    Cy Young Division done:

    1. Fortnox
    2. Syndicate
    3. Seattle
    4. Scottsdale
    5. Erie
    6. Spaceball

    Fortnox by a game or two. Seattle pushes hard if pitching and defense gets ANY better, same for Scottsdale. Erie nabs 5th, with Spaceball getting older and bringing up the rear.
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