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Thread: 1996 Cooperstown Prospects Season Review

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    1996 Cooperstown Prospects Season Review

    This years leaders..
    Hitters first

    LF Michael Boone of Tennessee Smokies had 713 AB and the runner up was 1B Eric Pounds of the West Coast Whales with 701.

    3B Juan Hood of the LA Beach Bums had 146 runs and second place was 1B Trent Griffith of the Diamond Kings with 130.

    LF Michael Boone had 251 hits eclipsing the runner up 1B Trent Griffith who had 234.

    CF Luis “No Stand” Still of the Texas Gunslingers tied his 1991 record with 54 doubles and right behind him was 2B John Ragland of West Lawn with 52.

    CF Luis “No Stand” Still had 17 triples and teammate James Gonzalez had 14 three baggers which honestly was assisted by their park size and an aggressive running style that Texas fans have grown to love.

    Everyone loves the long ball and Michael Stein of Pittsburgh didn’t disappoint again hitting a career best 64 which is a ridiculous amount of power for the 5’8” second basemen. CF Thomas Mendez hit 62 for the Diamond Kings. Both hitters had 167 RBI’s as well.

    3B Juan Hood led all players with 158 BBs falling one short of his career high.

    C Daniel Maloney of the Green Bay Cheeseheads had 194 K’s.

    2B Robert Belles of LA stole 95 bases and just to highlight his dominance the runner up was Kevin Huang of Washington State with 65.

    The not as fast as I thought Award goes to Juan Hood who stole 62 but was thrown out 26 times. LF Dan Nunez of Pittsburgh had a worse second place performance of 26 stolen bases and being caught 19 times.

    C Ivan Barkus of Texas hit for an awesome .365 average and 1B Trent (he has a lot of second place finishes) Griffith had a .357 average. Both played in 156 games btw.

    Ops leader of the year was 3B Juan Hood with a 1.157 for ‘la bums’ and C Ivan Barkus of Texas has a 1.103.

    2B Felipe Lobos of Gloucester City was hit by 11 pitches and runner up Green Salvatore of LA was tagged by 10.

    The ‘crap not again’ award of Grounding into double plays was 58 by William Clayton of South Park. Just to highlight his bad luck runner up was SS Billy Wenzel of Pittsburgh with 47.

    Broken Bat hits was a three way tie for CF Mark Johnson (Diamond Kings), CF Raymundo Vaughn (LA) and C Matthew Flannery (Washington State).

    So it’s all about launch angle lately and well we don’t aim to disappoint so...
    C Richard Green of Nevada leads the pack with the highest launch angle with 61% of balls hit in the air, followed by 1B Christopher Baker of Bleeding Green with 60%.

    On the other end of that spectrum is SS Juan Wright of Johnson City with only 32% of hits off the ground followed by SS John Wilson of Belleview with 36%.

    So let’s highlight the pitchers...

    Daniel Jones of LA pitched 335.1 innings (Charles Chaney of South Park was second with 282.1)

    Teammates Daniel Jones and Dale Clemons (LA) led pitchers with 23 wins.

    The other end of that rainbow was three pitchers who tied with 19 losses to lead the league...
    James Barlow of West Coast, Buford Hunter of Gotham and Jason “Hard Luck” Brock of Scranton.

    John Reyes of Washington State lead the league with 44 saves.

    Abel Ensign of Pittsburgh lead pitchers with 12 blown saves (yet saved 39).

    James Shaw of Sochi had 18 holds.

    William Gimbel of Belleview gave up 290 hits.

    Haney McLaughlin of Pittsburgh gave up 158 ER and combined with his defense gave up 161 runs.

    Willie Hastings of the Diamond Kings pitched a bit inside ALOT leading to 17 accidental hit batsmen.

    Charles Chaney of South Park tied Carl Denson of Gloucester City with 151 BB’s. Last years leader Daniel Jones of la bums showed improved control by only giving up 146.

    Clair Langdon of Johnson City punched 274 K’s.

    Daniel Jones of LA led the league with 29 QS (40 GS) but runner up Russel Ramirez of Nevada was more efficient with 26 QS of 32 GS.

    Russel Ramirez of Nevada pitched 6 shut outs and lead the league in ERA with 2.10 and whip 1.05 (which was a tie with Karl Hinmon of Detroit)

    So my Holy Crap award goes to Pitcher Jason “Hard Luck” Brock. This poor kid (27 yo) had two games in which he gave up 5 home runs. For my math impaired friends that’s 10 in two games. Yet very surprisingly he is in THIRD PLACE for long ball give aways. And second place is a THREE WAY TIE.

    Michael Hoy of South Park gave up 41 home runs.
    Barry Ness of Bleeding Green, Enrique McDonald of Akron and Anthony Nichol of Green Bay all had 40.

    And then Jason “Hard Luck” Brock had 39.

    To end it off we have to mention Harvey McLaughlin of Pittsburgh led the league with an ERA of 8.11 pitching way more then the fans wanted...

    As always please feel free to add comments, favorite highlights, fun facts/nicknames or your own holy crap awards. And thanks to all the players for a great season and spring training is right around the corner.

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    Re: 1996 Cooperstown Prospects Season Review

    Great review! Thanks for posting it

    You are only an obstacle in my quest for world domination.

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    Re: 1996 Cooperstown Prospects Season Review

    Very nice statistical review! Flavored with humor just made it that much better. Thanks for sharing that! Awesome job.


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