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Thread: R/L match ups out the Bullpen ...?

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    R/L match ups out the Bullpen ...?

    In the Bullpen Logic it states...

    For the dual-slot roles (MR1/MR2 and SU1/SU2), the decision on which pitcher to bring in is based on the following criteria:
    Consideration of the batter's R/L matchup.
    The overall skill of the pitcher.
    The pitcher's R/L rating.

    This is so random as to if and when your lefty will come in to pitch to a Opp left hand batter in a close game,and even if he does get the call,he stays in to face the next hitter,even if he`s a right hand batter.

    Surley the steps should be in a close game in the 7th Innings or later..

    1 The runner who gets on base is the tie/go ahead run, and a Left Hand Batter is next up.
    2 Provided your lefty is above the fatigue level you set,he comes in Always everytime.
    3 Whatever the outcome of the bat and if the innings continues and next batter up is a right hand batter,your lefty is Yanked Always and a righty comes in.If a left hand batsman is up next, your lefty stays in to pitch to him ,providing he is above the fatigue threshold.

    This helps with the realism of the game,adds to the management of the roster and the strategy of the team make up,in my opinion.
    It also adds to the enjoyment of the game I think.

    Thoughts ...

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    Re: R/L match ups out the Bullpen ...?

    Totally agree. It also would increase the value of Lefty pitching which is more of a liability the way the game currently works.

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