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Thread: Mlb blitz-a brave new world

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    Mlb blitz-a brave new world

    It ain't over till its over

    MLB Blitz the former MLB Prospects is rebooting the league with a fresh perspective and shiny new slates.

    In order to better limit another League-apocalypse, this time we will be trying to find only owners that are actively engaged and have access to forums. The league will enter a series of phases of roster organizing until we will be ready to launch and I intend to take as much time as possible to ensure a high quality result. Here is a brief teaser of what is to come:

    Phase 1-The Cleansing

    Estimated Window Real time: August 16-30(2 weeks)

    This phase we will be stripping rosters to the bone of the 18 unowned teams. The 6 Legacy owners may also strip during this process. The goal here is to perform balance through populating of the free agency pool in preparation for phase 2. All I need from the legacy owners is acknowledgement that you are here and on board to move forward, I would think so if you are still here that you are, or else your team is subject to be stripped.

    Phase 2-Prospects Assemble

    Estimated Window September 1-22-(3 weeks)

    Now this is the hard part, getting owners to join the league. New owners want:

    Teams with upside and plenty of room to work with: CHECK- since teams will be stripped to the bone
    A fresh and populated free agency pool: CHECK- when the stripping is done you can bet on a bountiful buffet to choose from
    Have high draft pick the first year they join CHECK-Legacy Owners will be bumped down and own picks #19-30 as it snakes around leaving the first 18 owners to have the top picks of the Free Agent draft. The SAME will apply to the amateur draft.

    This will also help our recruitment effort as the emphasis will be getting owners who have access to the forums to make their picks ONCE they join our league. So yes the first owner to join our league will have the #1 pick in the free agent reboot draft and the amateur draft! First Come first served!

    So once they join they make their pick and draft right then killing two birds in one stone while ensuring they are connected and can communicate via forums. CHECK


    Last week September (1 week)

    I had thought 4 rounds snaked would be sufficient for the Free Agent Draft but this can be further talked about or tweaked when we crossed that bridge. The remaining free agents that do not get drafted will be part of our BLITZ weekend when I will lock and unlock the league so we can all have a decent shot to bid on the leftovers, which there should still be some great picks considering 24 PSFA were also added and 4 snake rounds wont completely absorb all the talent but other than that it will be all out war and blitz for those free agents!

    Will pause/unpause as needed for trades, corrections, etc.


    First Week October (Estimated Season Start and Reboot Launch)

    This is just a sneak peak of what is to come, please let me know how you feel or if you are interested in staying/joining. Legacy owners have till the end of the month to decide. See you soon!

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    Re: Mlb blitz-a brave new world

    Great idea! I'm here and ready!

    And I'll keep my team, thanks.

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    Re: Mlb blitz-a brave new world

    I’m in!

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