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Thread: Best 20 game losers?

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    Best 20 game losers?

    Meet Jack McKay. Hes 7-20.

    In 252 innings pitched he has given up just 250 hits, striking out 278 batters, with a 3.36 ERA and 1.31 WHIP. His LWTS is 33.15. He plays for a pretty good team too - they made the playoffs this year.

    Are there any better 20 game losers out there?

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    Re: Best 20 game losers?

    David Umana, 2002 Walla Walla Wallabies, National League. 12-21, 3.56 ERA, 1.24 WHIP.

    The Wallabies went 98-62 and won the World Series.

    Umana is entering his 20th season now, has 401 wins, and has not had a losing season since. In fact, he won 20+ in each of the next 12 years. 7 Cy Youngs, 13 time all-star.
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    Re: Best 20 game losers?

    Update: Jack McKay went 4-0 in the postseason and they won the world series!

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    Re: Best 20 game losers?

    I generally take them out of the rotation to avoid 20 losses regardless (exception would be close pennant race, and they were a hard luck case that pitched well otherwise). Only have had 1 20 game loser, and he was a pitcher who decided to jack his ERA up 2.5 runs. ANd I felt he was tanking on the team, we were out of the race, so I kept him in for punishment (and released him about 2 weeks into next season-and only because I forgot to in spring training)

    I did have a hard luck case lose 19 games, he was usually around in the 3.80-4.10 ERA mark. He was a solid #2/#3 guy for me for years. Got about 12-15 CGs a year (groundball specialist). Who seemed to always be the designated SP where the offense took a day off. (though not nearly as hard luck as that year). He was actually one of the inaugural created players in the league, and one of the last of those to still be playing I believe (18 year career I think). Tragically he retired as the league's all time leading loser (228, but long since passed, but he did win 221 and retired top 10 in that category too). Note: Looked it up, he lost 19 games the year we went to the WS, though we were a 73-87 team in a weak division who got in the playoffs until getting blown out in the WS. And his ERA was an uncharacteristic 5.25 that year (3.00 the previous year when we missed the playoffs go figure, and it was his highest* ERA until near the end when he fell apart from age)

    *Under me, I took over the team in his 7th year. ANd the previous owner made the stadium a bandbox, which in my first full year moved the fences back. (I prefer neutral to slightly bigger park size)


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