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Thread: Preseason Created Free Agents

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    Preseason Created Free Agents

    I have never been a fan, this is clear if any of you are in any of the leagues I am in. I am beginning to see guys who are absolutely rediculous, like putting up numbers that are not only EYE POPING! But some are INSANE!

    I would like to see some of your Created Free Agents, so I am asking some of you to post them here. In two of my leagues, I seen guys put up 65 Plus Home Runs, 200 plus RBI, 130 plus runs, etc...

    I think it was a mistake personally to implement once again, another gimmick.

    So I would like to see some of your created players.


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    Re: Preseason Created Free Agents

    SO nobody wants to show their insane players that were added in the leagues? I am just curious, cause in two leagues I am currently in they have won GOD like players and thus, both are likely WS champs.

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    Re: Preseason Created Free Agents

    I actually don't even look at them.
    Peace. (Psalm 29:11)


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    Re: Preseason Created Free Agents

    You should, SOME are like ROY HOBBS on steroids, a young ROY HOBBS, haha

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    Re: Preseason Created Free Agents

    Mike Johns make Barry Bonds look like a little leaguer
    I just can't look its killing me
    And taking control
    Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
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    Re: Preseason Created Free Agents

    Rene Connor in TCB is a stud as well.

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    Re: Preseason Created Free Agents

    I don't see too many great ones (only one of my leagues has them to be honest). I don't keep much track of them, noticed a couple at the top of ROY boards. I've never really had an extremely effective one. My best was a defensive specialist SS that bought me a couple of years for my prospect SS to develop then traded that defensive specialist (hit .210-.230 both years with great defense). Only other one of value was a young SS with great SP and AR (both 100) but absolutely no RA. Converted him to RF*, and got a couple of good years out him getting steals from the 9 spot (but he wasn't that much of a hitter-.250 BA with not much DI/PO, and when he slipped a bit there wasn't worth keeping)

    *Actually considered making him a catcher instead, but I had a 1st rd pick OF who also has a 100 AR, and didn't really have a position, he ended up giving me a mostly good 10 years or so before retiring this past season (actually has one of the top 10 SLG% seasons in team history, and made the All-Star a time or 2, so who I moved to catcher was a good decision.

    Note: I did get one of those created FAs in a trade in their rookie season, who was a good FI pitcher who gave me a few good years, but he crashed hard not much past age 30.


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