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Thread: Preseason Created Free Agents

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    Re: Preseason Created Free Agents

    Quote Originally Posted by BKiriak View Post
    4 years in the league, 4 times MVP. Mike Johns. I been in this league for some time now. Been playing the game a long time. I understand fully why it was done, I do not agree with it, but I understand it. Players like Johns is why I feel we should not be risking players like him to be added to the league. In which only a handful of people can make a true, honest effort to sign him. Johns has altered the balance of the league. my goodness, he has won the MVP each year he has been in this league. ROY, and he has won the WS. yeah only once, but that does not mean Johns name is not altering EVERYTHING.

    If the league had Pre Season Created Free Agents added then yes, I will not be part of the league.

    I do not need a history lesson on Kala, Cali or anyone for that matter ESPECIALLY in my division. I know who is on their rosters, who I been battling for just the chance to get into the playoffs.
    It is a shame that you wouldn't want to be in the league because of a 1 time event that led to 1 elite player being each their own.
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    Re: Preseason Created Free Agents

    Out of 24 Free agents created. 1-3 super studs will be created . 4-6 all stars. About 8-12 usable players . So a 1 time event that creates a monster player/s shapes the league for 20 seasons. And will do so again if players are created in future seasons.

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    Re: Preseason Created Free Agents

    I actually like FA's. That is why I initially asked on another thread. Maybe not so much a guy like Johns. I'm ok with out them too though.

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    Re: Preseason Created Free Agents

    Thx Mike johns for taking my MVP award.

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