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Thread: New owner for Brashov

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    New owner for Brashov

    I'm very happy to welcome back a long-time veteran owner to Moneyball. GreekGodofHits was the owner of the team currently known as Chernobyl for 30 seasons from 8/13/2025 until 7/6/2055 (which matches up in real life to 1/5/2009 until 12/8/2011). He led the franchise to their first championship in 2048.

    Welcome back, have fun, and good luck!

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    Re: New owner for Brashov

    Glad to be back and thank you for the welcome!

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    Re: New owner for Brashov

    welcome back to the league and welcome to the division
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    Re: New owner for Brashov

    I'd say we can swap teams but I kinda like this squad.

    Welcome back.
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    Re: New owner for Brashov

    Welcome back!

    Sucks to see Matthaios disappear though.


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