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Thread: MLB Mideastern - 2099 Draft

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    MLB Mideastern - 2099 Draft

    Welcome to the 2099 MLB Mideastern live amateur draft!

    I'm gonna run the draft this year. Each manager of every block will get a private message to let them know they're on the clock. Each block will have about 24 hours to send me their picks (by private message or in this thread if a manager is up).

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or ask me by private message or chat.

    Block 1 --> August 1st, 6 PM ET
    Key West Pelicans (LIST IN) P Robert Harris
    Calgary Blue Jays (AUTO) 3B Stuart Hand
    Uconn Unicorns (LIST IN) P Howard Lujan
    Los Angeles Dodgers (LIST IN) P Eduardo Tolbert
    South Florida DiamondBacks (LIST IN) P William Allen
    Detroit BoneCrushers (AUTO) LF Larry Massey

    Block 2 --> August 2nd, 6 PM ET
    Targaryen Dragons (AUTO) P John Mathis
    Plum Island Bogeys (AUTO) P Michael Novak
    Port Coquitlam Cubs (LIST IN) RF Carl Osborne
    Sacramento Valley Cats (AUTO) CF James Johnson
    Waco Turtles (AUTO) C Courtney McMullen
    Plano Wildcats (AUTO) SS Ryan Turley

    Block 3 --> August 3rd, 6 PM ET
    Industriales Iguanas (LIST IN) C Leonard Moen
    Milwaukee Lakes (AUTO) LF Glen Thomas
    New Orleans Pirates (LIST IN) LF Michael Ramirez
    Mid Cheshire Bandits (AUTO) LF Justin Morais
    Havana City Mariners (LIST IN) 1B William Schwartz
    El Sobrante Astros (AUTO) C Randall Delaney

    Block 4 --> August 4th, 6 PM ET
    Kitty Hawk Terpz (AUTO) RF Joseph Griffith
    THE WAR MACHINE (AUTO) 1B Hollis Goss
    Eureka Royals (LIST IN) CF John McMaster
    Brooklyn Mets (LIST IN) P Matthew Stanton
    Riverside Rangers (AUTO) 2B Juan Britton
    Havana City Mariners (LIST IN) P Richard Riggleman
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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2099 Draft

    Block 1 is up for, August 1st, 6 PM Eastern Time

    Key West Pelicans
    Calgary Blue Jays
    Uconn Unicorns
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    South Florida DiamondBacks
    Detroit BoneCrushers

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2099 Draft

    Block 2 is up for, August 2nd, 6 PM Eastern Time

    Targaryen Dragons
    Plum Island Bogeys
    Port Coquitlam Cubs
    Sacramento Valley Cats
    Waco Turtles
    Plano Wildcats

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2099 Draft

    Block 3 is up for, August 3rd, 6 PM Eastern Time

    Industriales Iguanas
    Milwaukee Lakes
    New Orleans Pirates
    Mid Cheshire Bandits
    Havana City Mariners
    El Sobrante Astros

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2099 Draft

    Industriales Iguanas will take C-Leonard Moen

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2099 Draft

    Block 4 is up for, August 4th, 6 PM Eastern Time

    Kitty Hawk Terpz
    Eureka Royals
    Brooklyn Mets
    Riverside Rangers
    Havana City Mariners

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2099 Draft

    1st round is completed!

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2099 Draft

    The picks have been set, PLEASE DON'T CHANGE YOUR #1 RANKED PLAYER


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