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Thread: Auto manager replacement

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    Auto manager replacement

    Why does my manager keep putting in my depth chart #3 for ss only in to cover my DH? My #2 on my DH depth chart is always available to cover my DH when he replaces in the field.

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    Re: Auto manager replacement

    This might sound silly, but I don't use the depth chart so I have no idea.

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    Re: Auto manager replacement

    Because it is not actually replacing your DH, what it is trying to replace is your CF. Because you DH is your back up in CF, when the CF needs a rest, both the back up and the second backup are already in the lineup. You need to put someone who is not in the lineup already into the depth chart as #3 CF and this will stop happening. If you put your #2 DH, I think it would slip him into DH, and then because your #1 DH is the back up in CF he will move to CF, and the #2 DH who is actually coming in for the CF then would go to DH, but because when you CF needs a rest there is noone in the depth chart that isn't already in the lineup, it looks elsewhere to fill that roll.
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