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Thread: 1990 Diamond Legends Single Season Record Tracker

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    Re: 1990 Diamond Legends Single Season Record Tracker

    Quote Originally Posted by Fyewiks View Post
    Goodman continues his late season push to break some records. Sitting 3 short of the HR record with 61, moved ahead of the record for SLG in a season of .687 (he's at .696) and his 1.122 OPS is an extra base hit away from the record of 1.125. I did mention in a prior post he's 23,right? Wow, just wow.

    The only other record that is close (and I have been waiting for several days for the tie) is triples. Willie Gray is 1 triple away from tying the record of 19.

    Time runs short but I think 1 of the records will fall this season.
    In the end, just one record was broken.
    David Goodman is the new Single Season Record holder for SLG with .696 (he fell just one short of tying the HR record and .003 short of tying the OPS record.).

    Willie Gray also was one short of the Triples record,
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    Re: 1990 Diamond Legends Single Season Record Tracker

    Beastly season from Goodman. I think we'll be talking about him again in the breaking records conversations.
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