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Thread: Set Draft Picks Utility

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    Set Draft Picks Utility

    Can we explore an update to this tool. Its great, but it is very cumbersome and could use a freshen up.


    1. Rather than last name alpha order, maybe by salary? or draft order?
    2. Can we make is so if I set pick 1 to "John Doe" that "John Doe" isnt available on any of the other drop downs?
    3. Would like the page to refresh to show newly updated draft order to let me know it has been updated.

    Just riffing some ideas. Thanks!
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    Re: Set Draft Picks Utility

    I'm running my first draft, so I may not be experienced enough to weight in, but I kinda like the alphabetical over salary, because I can alphabetically find Jon Doe at $437,000 faster than I can find Jimmy Ironglove at $443,000 when the middle of the pack is so close in salary range.

    But a quick refresh (I know nothing about coding, so I don't know how hard it would be to update after every pick was changed) or making already selected players unavailable however ... I might not sell my soul for it, but my next most valuable possession is definitely on the table.


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