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Thread: The cursed team

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    The cursed team

    I've got a team that has a brutal stretch just about every mid season.

    This season - my team was once 12 games over .500 and now sits 1 game under as of late July.
    Last season - once 6 games over .500 and season ended at 12 games under
    6 season ago - 6 games over .500 at 1 point and ended season at 30 games (!!!) under

    Anyone else have a team that usually has a really bad stretch during the mid season that totally wipes out their season?

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    Re: The cursed team

    Often happens when one conference is much stronger than the other conference

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    Re: The cursed team

    Yeah, I had one team that was in the weakest division for a decade. We had several mid-season collapses.

    Course, once that settled, we couldn't beat anyone (because we sucked for the next decade pretty much, 16 years with no playoff appearance)

    ANd then, we couldn't win at home. (Literally one year, we had about 2/3 of our first 100 games at home, then only about 3 home series in final 60 games, we went 40-60 in those first 100 games, then went on a 40-20 tear to finish 80-80 and sneak into the playoffs.) Note: I kind of wished we would get a 120 games on the road schedule, and just get enough home games to stop in and wash our underwear.

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    Re: The cursed team

    One of my teams always starts slow, then gets hot too late. Last season I was sub-.500 until late June, but finished with 92 wins and missed the playoffs by 4 games. Same story this season. Under .500 until late June, just now getting hot in July, but fortunately for me, the leaders aren't quite as far ahead this year.

    I've looked back, and the past 5 seasons, I've had a much worse record with this team in the first 80 than the last 80.


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