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Thread: New Drafts

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    New Drafts

    Has anyone noticed any difference in the drafts since the change? I could be wrong but to me the drafts actually seem much less deep.
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    Re: New Drafts

    I haven't paid much attention, but my last one, I had the #20 pick, and I could only find one player left that remotely interested me. On another note, in the next to last draft, I got a great pitcher at #3 and in the 2nd rd another solid pitcher (with 2 or 3 other prospects that looked good to me).

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    Re: New Drafts

    Small sample size but most of the drafts I've had have been either equal or worse than average since the update. The most recent draft I had (Atlantic Coors, 2019) was possibly the worst draft I have ever seen in any league in the 5+ years I've been playing this game. But like I said, small sample size, so I can't really make any meaningful conclusions yet.

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    Re: New Drafts

    The current one in LEG is fantastic, 2 and 3 seasons ago in TCL were horrendous. Dodgers hav had mixed results. It feels like there is just more variation in the quality. For me it seems like the drafts i hav alot invested in are worse haha
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