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Thread: Cooperstown Prospects 1995 Season Review/History

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    Cooperstown Prospects 1995 Season Review/History

    Well this year we had a few league records broken by LA Beach Bums rookie starting pitcher Daniel Jones who lead the league in IP at 319.1 (also an all time record) and also surprisingly gave up a league record 153 walks.

    So let’s cover some ancient history, league records for
    Hitters first.

    Free Agent Carlos Lowery CF leads the league in AB with 732 when he played for Green Bay in 1992.

    In 1989 2B Michael Stein of Pittsburgh had 159 runs. (He’s a 6 time MVP, ROY, 10 time All Star, 8 time Silver Slugger)

    In 1991 5’5” CF Luis “No Stand” Still had 274 hits (He was four short this year) for the Texas Gunslingers. He also set that year a league record 54 doubles, set the league record in triples the next year (27) and in 1990 set the stolen base league record of 126.

    The Home Run league record is 68 set in 1984 by 1B Christopher Baker of the Bleeding Green (he tied it again in 89).

    2B Michael Stein set the league history in RBI’s with 187 .
    He also leads SLG with .688 and is tied with 1B Jeffery Griggs of the West Lawn Owls who also had the same mark in 1991. Stein however tied the record again in 1992 just to prove a point.

    In 1991 RF Christopher Roberts of Gotham set the league record with 167 walks in 1991. He also leads the league as well in K’s with 200 in 1988.

    CF Tim Wright of Pittsburgh leads league records with a .402 BA set in 1987 and a ridiculous OPS of 1.139 in 1984.

    RF Marcel Moore had a .480 OBP in 1989 for Johnson City.

    Going on to pitching

    Jerome Barnes of Detroit had 31 wins and 32 QS in 1987.

    Keith Liman has the league record in losses at 23 and is unsurprisingly a FA. He is however only 22 and we wish him the best of luck on being resigned.

    Abraham Morris of Washington State leads the league history with 320 hits, 185 runs and 177 ER set in 1985. Thankfully he got better.

    345 is the league record for K’s set by Wm Woodall of the Diamond Kings in 1990.

    Fan favorite Carlos McCallister of the Woodridge Beavers nailed 28 hitters in 1983, accidentally of course.

    41 starts was set by the retired Henry Green of Washington State in 1984.

    Bernard Gale of Pittsburgh leads the league in CG’s with 30 set in 1985, he also holds the record for shutouts as well (8).

    William Newsome (Akron) and Gregory Pace (Nevada) share the league record for ERA by a starter with the nasty number of 1.57.

    (Oddly the site was glitchy for pulling up saves records but I’m sure someone leads that haha, go ahead and post it if you know it and I’ll update it.)

    Well that’s all old records so let’s highlight some league leaders from this year...

    John Hutsell of Gotham had a rough year with 21 losses.

    Robert Johnson of Sochi lead with 272 K’s

    Stingy Martin Reese of Johnson City only allowed 38 walks all year as a starter.

    Pedro Snyder of the Nether Providence had 28 QS

    Gary Sullivan had 46 saves for the Diamond Kings.

    3B Juan Hood of LA tied the legendary Michael Stein in Runs at 136 this year.

    Luis “No Stand” Still of Texas had a .393 average and 270 hits.

    RF William Cooley of the Kings had 49 doubles and 2B Dominic Smith had 17 triples.

    2B Michael Stein and 1B Christopher Baker entertained fans and their teammates with 59 HR’s. Stein lead this year in RBI’s with 154.

    Here’s my HOLY CRAP of the season. Least amount of walks for a starting position player was SS Steven “Whiffleball” Wilson of Washington State with 16. He did tie for the league lead in broken bats singles with 7 in frustration (with 3B Brown of the Tigers).

    Most walks was 159 by 3B Juan Hood who also led in K’s with 192.

    C Richard Hurd of the Madison WarChiefs had 65 SB.

    Please feel free to add comments of personal favorites for your team or players (or nicknames). And best of luck to all the teams in the postseason.

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    Awesome write up! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Didn’t realize Jones broke a record for walks allowed. Maybe I should rename him to BB King. He was probably going to win CY until he went 1-4 in his last 5 starts and got absolutely hammered in his final 2 starts.

    Record for saves in a season is from Anthony Christian on San Angelo. Put up 60 in 1985.
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