ABout 100 games into this season, and it has occurred maybe I should.

-Only 3 guys over 10 HRs on the season, 16,15,11 respectively. And the 15 HR is by the 36 year old DH, who want be around much longer.

-Only 2 players with 80+ SL. One of whom is the backup catcher, who has a pathetic BA, and weak arm (I could consider moving him to 1B, of which is unsettled, he is a switch hitter)

-I do have loads of DI/SP types.

-I am strong on OFers, and they are at least solid defensively, 90 RA LF, and 2 CFs with approx. 75 RA (been rotating them between CF and RF). They are also have been solid offensively (The LF is the other 80+ SL, and has the 16 HRs)

-Pitching is poor, but I have a lot of youngsters, who will be ready in the next couple of years.