We only need three more mangers to climb back to 14 and start sims again.

MLB is not the only game in town, this league has a strict naming policy that teams be named after independent league baseball teams:

* https://www.csfbl.com/league/view.asp?leagueid=1936

We have some great teams available. We are, always have been, always will be a 2 a day sim league. So the time commitment is not that great once you set your lineups you don't have to worry about a faced paced season getting away from you.

Team names can be changed, just need to be based on a real past or present independent league team, look here for some ideas:

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indepe...aseball_league

If someone brings back the Portland Mavericks, we'll award you with a left handed catcher. (fielding penalty applies)