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Thread: Stolen base logic

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    Stolen base logic

    Sorry if this has already been beaten to death, but can someone explain the logic behind when/why guys decide to steal a base?

    I ask because of a particular instance that just drove me crazy lol.

    We are down 0-2, top of the 8th inning, first batter hits a double, nice. Then this idiot, who clocks in with a blazing 27 Speed, decides to attempt to steal 3rd base! Again, while down 2 runs with no outs and with 27 speed. Oh and I should note that I have this team's steal setting at 1 (which I just now changed to 0 lol). And no, he didn't make it lol.

    I've seen lots of infuriating steal attempts but this one just took the cake.


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    Re: Stolen base logic

    I have a team that really has very few speed players, so I have my manager's stolen bases setting at 2, and I still have guys pulling stupid moves. A week or so ago, I had the bases loaded down by one with two outs in the 9th and my catcher gets caught stealing home to end the game. I wonder if there is some sort of hidden "aggressiveness" rating or something for individual players that we can't see.

    But the thing may be that the sim can only be so smart, so these things happen from time to time.
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    Re: Stolen base logic

    I crank it up to 10, myself. And find despite that a some players who should be going somewhat often don't in general.

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    Re: Stolen base logic

    Yeah even at a setting of 0 I still have guys with sub 50 speed trying to steal bases. Uggg...

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    Re: Stolen base logic

    Quote Originally Posted by Soul31 View Post
    Yeah even at a setting of 0 I still have guys with sub 50 speed trying to steal bases. Uggg...
    I will admit in real life even slower guys will attempt 2-3 steals a years, but they aren't likely to try those in higher leverage situations.


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