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Thread: Stolen base logic

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    Re: Stolen base logic

    More stolen base fun!!!

    My other team has a burner CF who leads off with 93 Speed, in fact he's lead the league in Stolen bases the last 2 seasons (this is his 3rd season).

    Here he is:

    In todays game he went 0-2 in steals, ok fine that happens, maybe the C was a stud or something. Umm, no he was thrown out by a SS playing C with a 15 Arm and that's before it gets adjusted for the OOP penalty. First pitcher had 24 in Hold Runner, the second had 45.

    Ok fine I can see 1 for 2, but 0 for 2?

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    Re: Stolen base logic

    Did the opposing team water down around 1st base? Maybe he overslide the base?
    Peace. (Psalm 29:11)


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    Re: Stolen base logic

    LOL or maybe they pulled the old "Tie his shoelaces together when he's not looking" trick.

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    Re: Stolen base logic

    You all need to use your imagination a bit. Perhaps the 9 speed guy trying to steal home was part of a suicide squeeze gone wrong.

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