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Thread: 2105 Draft

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    2105 Draft

    Quick PMs
    Block 1: pedro4832; SantoForHOF; mvrk;
    Block 2:smittias; gsabino; spambox
    Block 3: ppinata; dray; Runnys;
    Block 4:nogimmicknecessary; Kirbyk; bmikes
    Block 5: joeecc; the_natural17; Runnys;
    Block 6:ClintWilley; jdjaeger54; bobcat1018
    Block 7: lureguy; nogimmicknecessary; ultimamike;
    Block 8:Runnys; Grimm; RyckyRych
    Block 9: pedro4832; SantoForHOF; mvrk;smittias; gsabino; spambox
    Block 10: ppinata; dray; Dave Juul; nogimmicknecessary; Kirbyk; bmikes
    Block 11: joeecc; the_natural17; Dave Juul; ClintWilley; jdjaeger54; bobcat1018
    Block 12: lureguy; tander28; ultimamike; bigdbpimpin1; Grimm; RyckyRych

    Round 1
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 1  Due: Jul 9th @ 9:00 PM
    1Baltimore Oriolespedro4832LiveP Phil Morris
    2Los Angeles DodgersSantoForHOFListCF Robert Lopez
    3Minnesota TwinsmvrkList1B Cleveland Decarlo
     Block 2  Due: Jul 10th @ 9:00 PM
    4Pittsburgh PiratessmittiasLiveP David Renaud
    5New York MetsgsabinoListC Blaine Kohl
    6Seattle MarinersspamboxLiveP George Mack
     Block 3  Due: Jul 11th @ 9:00 PM
    7Cincinnati RedsppinataLiveP David Wesley
    8Houston AstrosdrayListP Robert Tyree
    9Boston Red SoxRunnysListCF Robert Damron
     Block 4  Due: Jul 12th @ 9:00 PM
    10San Diego PadresnogimmicknecessaryLiveP Laurence Henderson
    11California AngelsKirbykListP Warren Mack
    12Chicago CubsbmikesLiveP Mark Haber
     Block 5  Due: Jul 13th @ 9:00 PM
    13Chicago White SoxjoeeccListP Leslie Graham
    14San Francisco Giantsthe_natural17ListP James Bolden
    15Boston Red SoxRunnysLiveP Bradley Samuel
     Block 6  Due: Jul 14th @ 9:00 PM
    16Cleveland IndiansClintWilleyLive2B William Westra
    17Washington Nationalsjdjaeger54Live3B Michael Hines
    18Toronto Blue Jaysbobcat1018ListP Justin Percy
     Block 7  Due: Jul 15th @ 9:00 PM
    19Kansas City RoyalslureguyListCF Jared Cullum
    20San Diego PadresnogimmicknecessaryLiveP John Hurst
    21Philadelphia PhilliesultimamikeLiveC George Brook
     Block 8  Due: Jul 16th @ 9:00 PM
    22Boston Red SoxRunnysLiveP Robert Little
    23Detroit TigersGrimmListP Robert Dawson
    24Atlanta BravesRyckyRychListP Charles Johnson
    Round 2
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 9  Due: Jul 17th @ 9:00 PM
    25Baltimore Oriolespedro4832ListP Darren Robinson
    26Los Angeles DodgersSantoForHOFListP Roberto Schwartz
    27Minnesota TwinsmvrkListP Wilfred Sterling
    28Pittsburgh PiratessmittiasLiveCF James Murray
    29New York MetsgsabinoList3B Scott Cooper
    30Seattle MarinersspamboxListSS Robert Wood
     Block 10  Due: Jul 18th @ 8:00 AM
    31Cincinnati RedsppinataAutoP Thomas Coles
    32Houston AstrosdrayListP Wayne Humbert
    33St. Louis CardinalsDave JuulList2B Stanley Callahan
    34San Diego PadresnogimmicknecessaryListRF Michael Bull
    35California AngelsKirbykAutoP Johnny Wehner
    36Chicago CubsbmikesListP Chad Stevens
     Block 11  Due: Jul 19th @ 8:00 AM
    37Chicago White SoxjoeeccLiveP James McBride
    38San Francisco Giantsthe_natural17AutoP Orville Hickey
    39St. Louis CardinalsDave JuulListP Noel Norton
    40Cleveland IndiansClintWilleyAutoP Alan Littrell
    41Washington Nationalsjdjaeger54ListLF George Turner
    42Toronto Blue Jaysbobcat1018List1B John Kull
     Block 12  Due: Jul 20th @ 8:00 AM
    43Kansas City RoyalslureguyLive2B Antonio Hernandez
    44Oakland Athleticstander28ListP Bernard Hildebrand
    45Philadelphia PhilliesultimamikeAutoCF Jose Lossett
    46New York Yankeesbigdbpimpin1AutoP Henry Smith
    47Detroit TigersGrimmListLF Walter Mitchell
    48Atlanta BravesRyckyRychListSS Rollie Bryant
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    Re: 2105 Draft

    LAD list in
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    Re: 2105 Draft

    Baltimore will select P Phil Morris with the first pick of the draft.
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    Re: 2105 Draft

    with #4, Pirates select David Renaud P 20 $1,231,000

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    Re: 2105 Draft

    Seattle drafts George Mack P.

    You can autopick the rest of Seattle's draft picks.
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    Re: 2105 Draft

    Reds select P David Wesley.

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    Re: 2105 Draft

    San Diego selects P Lawrence Henderson

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    Re: 2105 Draft

    Cubs select P Mark Haber
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    Re: 2105 Draft

    Sorry for the delay, I was traveling all day yesterday. Anyhow, Boston will take P Bradley Samuel

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    Re: 2105 Draft

    man, looking at the list for 1st time just now and wondering where the deeper drafts are. second draft in a row (other league) with pretty weak options even with 10/10 scouting.
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