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Thread: 2021 Players cut for salary cap violations

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    2021 Players cut for salary cap violations

    The following players have become free agents after being cut from teams in violation of the salary cap:

    P James Lounsbury
    P Tyler Lowe
    1B Jonathan Nicolas
    3B Michael Maxwell
    LF Michael Rouse
    CF Rafael Remy

    A reminder that Hilldale has until Monday morning to get under the cap before their players will also be cut.

    Hilldale didn't make any roster moves before their extended deadline (it seems the new owner hasn't signed in for a week, which is a shame). So, the follow players have been cut:

    P Floyd Smith
    P Matthew Burgess
    P Scott Reeder
    P Victor Brown
    2B Jay Wheeler
    SS Stanley Vazquez
    LF Robert Hardie
    LF Robert Lara
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