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Thread: Batting Champion / Triple Crown Winner Achievements/Awards

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    Batting Champion / Triple Crown Winner Achievements/Awards

    I realize this is a somewhat antiquated notion, but as a little kid I always loved reading about the competition to win the batting title in early major league baseball. In particular, the stuff about Cobb's streak interrupted by Speaker, his opponents trying to make sure Lajoie got it, etc. I know we can look this up on the stats page, but it takes a while to sort out the qualifiers, load everything, divide players into leagues, and just doesn't feel like a major award that way. Anyway, not sure how doable it is, but I think it would add a bit of extra Historical texture.

    You would figure any Triple Crown winner is already taking the MVP and so has that on his resume, but it's a special enough achievement that I thought it would be cool for any player who's won one to jump out.
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