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Thread: Front Office Baseball needs owners.

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    Front Office Baseball needs owners.

    There are FIVE vacancies in FOB and I would love to fill some of them to return to top tier.

    It is a MLB league.
    The draft is live and has some quirks to encourage participation.
    The cap is $65m but we also enforce a hard cap at $70m.
    It has been quite a good healthy competition recently with different champions in the last seven seasons.

    The vacancies too are quite interesting.
    The two most succesful clubs in the leagues history are currently available (Angels and Pirates).
    Miami are 99 seasons without a championship and the fans are hoping someone can help them to not reach 100 years with the team currently top of the division.
    Finally the other two openings are at the Rockies and the Giants.

    Check out this thread to see the list of champions and time since they won a title:
    The Yankees are now the ONLY team to have NEVER won the championship in the leagues 121 year history.

    Hopefully there are a few folks wanting to help preserve what is one of the oldest CSFBL leagues, and by the way, the draft is about to begin!

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    Re: Front Office Baseball needs owners.

    Remaining vacancies: Miami & San Francisco.
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    Re: Front Office Baseball needs owners.

    The Texas Rangers have become available in FrontOffice Baseball (High activity and old league).

    I am seeking an active manager who likes unique leagues.


    Felexible Salary Cap - It's set at $65m but the hard cap is at $70m.

    Live draft - Auto's go to the end of the block and are also AUTO'd in Round 2.
    (Draft about to begin - The Rangers have the 4th pick)

    10 PSFA's.

    There is also a side tournament called the Topps Trophy that has just been introduced as a bit of fun.

    Here is the champions thread -

    Also there are draft penalties for fewer than 50 wins in a season, for not being under the cap on 4/2 and for not clearing space in your LM by 6/5.
    Full league guidelines -
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