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Thread: Atlanta: The Legacy of Losing Game 7

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    Atlanta: The Legacy of Losing Game 7

    For the fourth time in 5 years we did this in the division series (last year we only made through 5 games). No matter who is better during the regular season Chatanooga always beats us around in the playoffs (and often in the regular season, for that matter. Nobody how good they are doing our starting pitchers wilt when they see Choo-Choo on the uniform, it's like they a train to run them over right on the mound)

    *waits for train back to Georgia, hears the train whistle, and watches 5 of my players duck for cover *

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    Re: Atlanta: The Legacy of Losing Game 7

    I unexpectedly gave the Choo-Choo's a bit of a facelift this off-season, despite winning the World Series last year, when so many good, young(er) free agents came available. I added 3 guys in free agency who each at least gave me at least 37 HR's and at least 121 RBI's. I let go of some guys that gave me a decade of really solid seasons for those guys, and my offense was pretty powerful this year. Pitching took a bit of a step back, but it seems they're pulling it together just enough in these playoffs.

    You've had an excellent team for awhile - and cleaned my clock in a few trades back in the day - so this is obviously just great luck.

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    Re: Atlanta: The Legacy of Losing Game 7

    Yeah, it happens, nothing against the Choo-Choos, but sometimes you just have to vent cathartically.

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    Re: Atlanta: The Legacy of Losing Game 7

    At least I don't have to worry this year. Looking to be one of those lost, everything goes wrong seasons.

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    Re: Atlanta: The Legacy of Losing Game 7

    Still on edge of the race, my pitching is smoke and mirrors

    Julius Black, Felipe Torres, and Albert Buckles have 20,17 and 15 wins, no one else has more than 5.

    4th best SP is David O'Donnell has a hard luck 4-13 record, but hasn't pitched particularly bad. He seems to be the designated spot in the rotation that position players bats take a nap. The final spot (after Doug Spivey's pathetic implosion) finally went to FA Tyler Lowe, who is glorified "Sergio Romo-type" pitched 4-5 inning and doesn't allow to many runs.


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