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Thread: League issues

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    League issues

    I've been playing here quite a while now and I enjoy it. However, recently, it's been obvious that we have too many leagues/too few players. Leagues are being paused for months because of not enough owners, and even a lot of running leagues have 8+ missing owners. I'm not sure what to do about not enough owners.

    I do wish there was a way to consolidate leagues or take a team to another league. I have a couple of teams in paused leagues that I SO much don't want to lose. Has there been any talk between the devs on this?

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    Re: League issues

    Okay, no comments?

    Maybe instead of letting people create new teams and put them in greek leagues, they just have to pick an existing unowned team. Also, no new mentor leagues, since they tend to die after the 5 season period is over.

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    Re: League issues

    a few years back, they did a lot of league mergers where owned teams in dead leagues were brought together to form a new league. problem is you lose all the history of merging leagues (player stats too) and it was a cumbersome process to implement.

    i know at one point a long range desire was to make teams portable in some way to transfer them to different leagues (making all leagues a part of one universe) but that is a major overhaul.

    I think if a group of owners who had dying leagues they wanted to save go together, they could do a lot of "take a team in my league, i'll take a team in yours" and save a bunch of leagues.
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    1. Stop recruiting new owners for your half dead crappy leagues. Your efforts would be better used looking for a stable league with owners who actually care about their teams. Winning the world series in a half unowned league is not worthy of your time.

    2. If you are trading an elite item like a no1 overall pick or a superstud player, then dont take the first offer you get. Advertise your availability to the league to maximize your return. Your trade partner is not going to protect you from underselling yourself.

    3. Quoted from a thread about Monopoly gameplay: "This strategy will end up killing you in the long run. You WANT to make deals. You WANT to be easy to do business with. If players get the impression that you're always going to ask for unreasonable demands, they'll trade with other players, leaving you out of those trades, meaning you get nothing of value while they benefit. Remember, your goal in a trade should not be to screw your trading partner, but to screw anyone who isn't your trading partner. Then people will catch on and realize that if they're not going to give you fair rates, they're going to be left out in the cold, which means that you shouldn't be dealing with people who play that way either."

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    Re: League issues

    As far as mentor leagues, we havnt had a new one in awhile. I think there are fewer new owners coming in also
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    Re: League issues

    Lawn Chair was full at the beginning of the CSFBL year and now we have 13 openings. One of them we know had health issues, the others?
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    Re: League issues

    All my leagues activity have went way down lately.

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    Re: League issues

    Its been months since ive been to the main forum, but am glad I came across this as soon as i finally did.

    Basically i was just thinking about posting on the state of the game. Like many before me I bit off more than I could crew, I had way too many teams and commished in 3. Since ive backed off of running all but 1 (my original) and dropped down to 6 teams i feel like I've hit my sweet spot. I'll probably always be a guy who logs on once per day minimum. during slow points in my franchise I may just look at my franchise page and check the teams records.

    I just heard from a veteran of the game who lost interest along with 2 friends and got away from the game because of being tired of the game becoming a chore rather than a game. What everyone has to remember is the game is run by volunteers, both behind the scenes and the day to day leagues. For guys like RJ, Jdub, Pimp, & luke who have all posted here, the common thread is they are all very active owners and to my knowledge help out with leagues. Sorry Starwalker havent had the pleasure of being in leagues with you. We all have sentimental leagues that we either started with or have been a part of for a long time but the problem is that some of those leagues just dont have enough like owners to keep them alive. Fortunately the site has been willing to retire leagues freezing the leagues history in time. I have my original league (retired) on my franchise page so I can look back whenever I want.

    There are so many reasons for guys to lose interest, case in point Smittias was putting a ton of time into the league with all the BEST OF stuff which always had me looking to see if I or my players were in the top 100. Damn I miss that stuff but im not going to ask someone to get back to that when i know it was time out of their life just for my amusement. I dont know if there is more to it and I dont care because bottom line its volunteer work.

    I think what makes a league great is certainly based on a good commish who keeps the league engaged in whatever way they are able to but more importantly the league as a whole needs to contribute. The best leagues have half or better of the league regularly posting in the forums, traded, drafts, bull$hitting or trash talking. I think that everyone should find their sweet spot so they can enjoy the game and also help out in some way. There are plenty of leagues out there with guys who I can tell work hard to keep leagues alive and interesting. I'm going to name drop a bit because I think its important to recognize players i see posting, chatting, and trying to make the community better, some I've been able to work with and other i've just seen in passing.
    Rdillman (even though we've had bad history, I see you)
    Newer guys who've stepped it up DaveW, Fyewiks, & Xet43
    and many more that i'm not missing purposely

    Here's hoping that all the great active, rabid, whatever you want to call yourselves finds one of the many great leagues out there. And remember if you dont help with any leagues currently maybe offer to lend a hand with a league where one guys is doing everything by himself.
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    Re: League issues

    Quote Originally Posted by RJ Harrison View Post
    Maybe instead of letting people create new teams and put them in greek leagues, they just have to pick an existing unowned team.
    I think some version of this is a really good idea. I would suggest not allowing a new league to even be created until a certain number of users made a post agreeing to join it on the forums (e.g. 10-12 owners), similar to leagues getting commissioners/going private/etc. It would ensure some better stability for it and get new people introduced to the forums a little more. Would just need some clear direction in the help section or create a team area and maybe a separate section in the forums so the posts don’t get buried by other posts not related to new leagues.

    And I get the point that “some people don’t want to use the forums”. But coming to make literally one post with the two words “I’m in” isn’t exactly pulling teeth.
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    Re: League issues

    Were do I start? The Relief Pitcher subbing system is absurd! I can not tell you how many times I am in a tight game, my SP goes out and they game engine DOES NOT pick my SET UP 1 or MR 1. It makes me so mad. Especially in the playoff race. It really almost made we quit a little while back. The game also is adding gimmicks, the Pre Season Created Free Agents is just a horrible idea, they game engine should not be creating GODS, NUMBER 1 Pick quality like players.

    The issue is leadership tends to disappear or input sporadically at best.


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    Re: League issues

    Quote Originally Posted by BKiriak View Post
    The issue is leadership tends to disappear or input sporadically at best.
    That tends to happen with volunteers.

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