Yeah I will consider your idea. I just have grown to see accept the fact, my manager just has no clue how to pitch tight games, CRUCIAL GAMES. Like, come playoff time, I will go ahead and go down to a four man rotation and a Pitcher in into the Pen with the idea, he should get some work. Wade Davis emerged this way, honestly. Tampa thought he was going to be an Ace Pitcher, but clearly he has become almost un-hittable at times in the pen.

Any how, my point being is situations. Game 5 Playoff Series, team is winning 4-1 and the SP comes into trouble in the 7th or 8th inning, the pitcher should be subbed out. My thought if you choose the option of Closer use, then likely pitcher in is the SU1 cause he needs to shut it down for a few batters, then turn it over to the closer. But too many times, I see the starter remain in, lose the lead, when he should have been yanked. So, that is my issue I find, which I am always tweaking them pitcher settings.