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Thread: Washington Black Senators: On the Fast Track!

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    Washington Black Senators: On the Fast Track!

    The Washington Black Senators managed to overperform AND underperform my expectations.

    We didn't hit for much. We didn't hit for much power. We had already started the changing of the guard. Plus, a few vets disappointed their way to a release, and in came some hungry young talent.

    Then the track meet began. Oh, did it ever! It saved our season, and until we faded at the end, had us in playoff contention.

    8 guys with 20 steals, with another 3 having at least 10. Out of the 20 steal guys, 6 had 25 or more. 4 had 30 or more (the least being 33 steals in 55 games). 3 had 40 steals.

    Dom Smith had 39 HRs and 25 SBs and on the bases was an afterthought.

    The race was between Gustavo Jones and Leon Young. Gustavo, who hit 23 HRs (3rd on the team), swiped 78 of 98, but would finish 2nd on the team to Leon Young. Leon would swipe 87 of 102.

    As a team we swiped 391 bases. Alas, we couldn't hit much with the runners in scoring position, so we only scored 725 runs on the season. This ragtag bunch could get even more speed on the team: top catching prospect Spencer Hendon is knocking on the door. While we don't know when his arrival will be, his promise of power to go with the speed is exciting.

    We had no business hanging around in a playoff chase as long as we did. But dammit, we REALLY wanted 400 steals. Guess we'll give it a go next season!

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    Re: Washington Black Senators: On the Fast Track!

    I've wanted at various times in other leagues to go full-speed like that. Cant fully do it here, with Atlanta's small field. And my complete obsession with defense, has left me with less than optimum speed with teams. One team I've regularly averaged a steal+ per game couldn't even to 100 last year. I had a single guy steal 155 bases with that team one time (one of his 5 100+ seasons, was still all-time league leader last I checked though #2 was still active and rapidly gaining.) A shame I've fallen so far with that team (though my team BA is much higher than his heyday, where we were regularly next to last in BA)

    Of course, Atlanta in this league, had the great Don Kung steal 100 bases multiple times. (I'm rambling)

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    Re: Washington Black Senators: On the Fast Track!

    Oh and the 1976 Athletics stole near 350 bases (and I think they have the post-deadball record)

    Larry Lintz stole 31 bases with only 1 official AB. Had another pinch runner with around 20. I think they had 3 with 50+ (Bill North-75, Don Baylor-52, and I think Bert Campaneris or possibly CLaudell Washington as the other). They even got 20 out of Sal Bando, Phil Garner got a surprising large amount too.


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