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Thread: Hacking Issue.

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    Hacking Issue.

    Hey guys, you may have seen teams were hacked this morning and our league was affected. We now have a second instance of this. I have now made the league private to prevent a third occurrence of this nonsense. I have also asked the admins to not pause our sim since it doesn’t affect the playoff teams and to reassign the players back to the team they were cut from.

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    Re: Hacking Issue.

    Let’s welcome BarryD to the league, he is taking over the former Waterloo Rayos and also formerly hacked team #1.

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    Re: Hacking Issue.

    Welcome BarryD! Are you keeping the team name “Hacked Team”?

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    Re: Hacking Issue.

    How about the.......Texas Gunslingers
    as I live in Paris, TX
    Ajax Dynamite - Jobu's Rum
    Black Diamonds - MLB Prospects
    Dxun Tie-Fighter's - Empire Strikes Out
    Galactic City Generals - A New Hope
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    Lahoma Bulldogs - Delta Gamma Eta
    OKC 89ers - Bad News Baseball
    Paris Panthers - THE SHOW
    Texas Gunslingers - Cooperston Prospects

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    Re: Hacking Issue.

    Let’s also welcome PaulTakeo to the league! Proud new owner of the Manics!

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    Re: Hacking Issue.

    Welcome to the league PaulTakeo!


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