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Thread: TO swap or not to swap?

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    Re: TO swap or not to swap?

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    Unless the game has changed majorly since I played over a year ago, I would say that a .100 OPS increase is not worth a 8-9 RA decrease when we are talking SS. Any other position and I would say hell yes. Now what is your situation in CF or otherwise look to trade the 95 RA 2B, as he carries a pretty fair value.
    Thank you for your response. Have a 98 ring cf that I am ready to call up next year who will likely be a .800 ops guy. May need a long term 3b but that seems like a waste. I think you are right that a trade makes most sense if I can get a decent offer.

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    Re: TO swap or not to swap?

    Well, a 95 RA 2B should get a decent, especially if they can hit. They don't come popping out of a backyard garden, exactly.

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