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Thread: Can we change FOA allocations from a percentage of funds to actual dollars?

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    Can we change FOA allocations from a percentage of funds to actual dollars?

    Would like to be able to allocate whole dollar amounts rather than percentages. its more accurate and real that way.
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    Re: Can we change FOA allocations from a percentage of funds to actual dollars?

    Absolutely agree. With percentages, there's always wasted money, because everything above what is required for the FOA level you have achieved (whatever/10) is wasted, and usually the leftover/wasted amounts are enough to raise the level of another FOA category.

    This could be done with a "lock" tick box next to a FOA box. When you enter a dollar amount in that box, all the others adjust according to what's leftover, then tick the "lock" box, so that when you adjust the next one, it doesn't affect that one.
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    Re: Can we change FOA allocations from a percentage of funds to actual dollars?

    Agreed , whilst i enjoy the challenge of trying to manage FOA and i feel its an area where i gain a competitive edge on other owners , i still feel that pimps idea is good.
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