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Thread: MLB SWEETNESS (giving away my draft picks)

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    MLB SWEETNESS (giving away my draft picks)

    MLB Str8 SWEETNESS has 9 openings but the other 15 owners are solid, so here is what I am offering, anyone who joins from now until beginning of next season will be put into a random draw for my draft picks in 1905, so you can build your team up just a little faster, if only 1 person joins they will get all picks if 2 people join then it will go to a draw and you may up end with 2 or even 3 picks, OR if you have a league that is suffering and need active owners, you join my league I will join yours but in doing so I wont give up any picks for that option, hope to hear from you and if you join send me a PM please so I can keep track,
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