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Thread: When releasing a long time member of the team.

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    Yea, I usually try to let the veteran players hit certain big milestones such as 3000 hits or especially, HOF scores that might let them go to the Hall of Fame. However, I usually prioritize winning if I have a playoff team.

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    Re: When releasing a long time member of the team.

    Well, he got 3000 hits, but when I did finally take him out of the lineup, instead everybody else went into a slump, and I missed the playoffs by a couple of games. (put him back in and he surged the last couple of weeks). I was in the race because I had 2 SPs having career years, and everybody in the bullpen had a great year.

    I might still keep him on a platoon basis, if his salary is below 1M, if not he'll be released.

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