Extraordinary Prospects is a former mentor league that graduated to private status and is running strong through our tenth season. We are a laid back league with a good mix of owners that have been around since day one with this as their first league and veteran CSFBL owners who joined up with us after we moved beyond mentor status.

The Available Teams:

Huntsville Rockets (https://www.csfbl.com/team/view.asp?teamid=86141)

The Rockets have only finished in the top half of the division once but right now they have a winning record with 60 games left and are only seven games back of a playoff spot so a new manager willing to make some moves might help the team make its first playoff experience.

Oklahoma Owls (https://www.csfbl.com/team/seasons.asp?teamid=86149)

The Owls are similar in that they have never made the playoffs but unlike Huntsville, they are a bit of a ways off from achieving that goal as this team is struggling. They've had a bit of ownership turnover in the past several seasons so its been difficult for the team to find it's footing. They're also stuck in a division with two different teams that won 3 WS in 4 years in the young history of the league so the competition is there to keep them down. A big rebuild project but this year's #1 pick looks strong and a very high pick coming next season can help speed along the rebuilding process!

PM me or AndyG if interested!