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It would be nice to designate a guy as "situational lefty" where he comes in to face ONLY lefties. If a right handed bat comes up then he immediately gets replaced. That would make lefty pitchers a little more usable out of the pen.

Or, maybe an even better solution = individual toast/fatigue settings for each pitcher. But I'm sure that idea has been brought up a thousand times and has never been implemented so I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.

I imagine the individual thing would be hell to get implemented right. I've had plenty of guys I'd like to do that with, but I imagine the coding is more trouble than it is worth.

I would love to have a LOOGY though, as it stands now, a lot of times, if a lefty isn't great, then he is worthless, and not much margin in between. I've seen a few lefties on FA who might make solid bullpen guys, but since they would be facing 80% righties and inevitably get killed they arent worth more than being a 10th/11th man on the staff (and only then if cheap)

As for organization, you could switch out SU2 for the LOOGY. Having 2 SUs, they inevitably don't seem to get much work (compared to the MRs) so I inevitably put my best non-CL at a MR spot. It'd be nice to have only 1 SU guy, so I could put my 2nd best reliever there, and ensure he pitches quality innings, while getting enough innings to make putting him in that spot worthwhile (as it stands, if I didn't rotate my relievers between SUs and MRs, the MRs would log 80-100-possibly more, while the SUs get about 30-40. So, having one SU get approx. the same # of innings as my closer, and having a lefty in the formerly named SU2 get his share of vs lefty outings would be a better balance)