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Thread: Late Season Call Up

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    Late Season Call Up

    Ok, so I am always looking at my rosters and tweeking, etc. I have always thought of one feature and I would like to present it to you all.

    In real life, one of the exciting times of the year for a team is their late season call ups, these rookies.

    As a team gears up for their playoff run, I think it would be a cool idea that a team could call upon a young player from their LOW MINORS to join them and their playoff push.

    I think of course has to be some catches tied to this. My first hunch is the player must be 22 years or older, cause at the flip hard to argue the said player should remain in the Low Minors.

    I think it helps add more strategy to the game. I would LOVE to call up my young hot shot rookie for a play off run.

    Just an idea..


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    Re: Late Season Call Up

    you can already do that on your own. You just won't be able to put the player back in the LM because he will have accrued stats.

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    Re: Late Season Call Up

    It’s already hard enough to get managers to call up 22-25 year old studs. They may never be called up with September call up rule .

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    Re: Late Season Call Up

    Well, I am the owner type, who would like to call up say a 22 year old kid, let him get some at bats in the playoffs and hell maybe even begin his legendary status then. I know, I know, lofty goals. I watch the move The Natural too many times, haha.

    Any how, if he is back in the Low Minors, before the flip, doesnt the young player gain an advantage being in Lows, vs the Big Leagues?



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